Sash Windows Dudley Offer a Full Windows Repair Services

Our main objective at Sash Windows Dudley is to repair the original sash window, however we also operate to upgrade the window performance as a whole. Sash Windows Dudley will begin the repair procedure by removing rotten timber if any and ablution of the connections before sticking the window with new resin or installing new timber. Sash Windows Dudley window restoration services are so profitable to your window's efficiency, you will notice reduced draught levels and increased soundproofing form day one.

Sash Windows Dudley Offer Gaurenteed Repairs

Our extensive experience and specialist tools at Sash Windows Dudley, allow us the capability to schedule the majority of damaged or decayed sash window frameworks that we encounter. Occasionally, Sash Windows Dudley find that damaged sash windows are beyond repair and will need to be absolutely or partially changed. Before the window is reinstalled, painted and finished, the sash itself will be carefully outstandingly sanded and primed by a Sash Windows Dudley craftsman.

We Can Repair All Types of Sash Windows

To reduce draught and air leakage, we are ready to utilise a specialist method of window sealing at Sash Windows Dudley that is extremely effective. You will always have the opportunity to alter your sash window's festooned image at the same time of repair work to complement the West Midlands property and your own personal taste. By choosing to have your sash windows repaired by Sash Windows Dudley, you will reap benefits from reduced energy bills, diminished draught and wind rattling and an escalation in property value.


Sash Windows Dudley have a protocol of completing all repairs to sash windows and although some windows are too badly damaged the steps are as follows: Sash Windows Dudley will replace chains, cords and weather-strips, install new hardware and lubricate and balance the pulleys before we replace the sash into its frame. Small repair work carried out in your West Midlands home can easily remove many common problems associated with sash windows.

Sash Windows Dudley Are The Company to Trust

Our draught proofing services at Sash Windows Dudley are an imense and profitable way in order to ensure your sash windows improve their efficiency. During Sash Windows Dudley repair projects, we will initially remove the current sash from the window frame prior to starting the job. Having Sash Windows Dudley repair a sash window is much lesser costly method of securing fantastic results that often look like new.